Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Is it too late?

The last European council has agreed new treatments to avoid the half of Greek debt. Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreu, has said that Greek people will vote on a referendum this agreement. The next day stock-markets fell down. One the one hand, stock-markets behaviour evidences their totally unfair and antidemocratic character. A referendum is one of the most democratic things in our democracy. People vote to decide their future. They will choose to agree this new agreement or to stay in the last conditions, or even to find a new way to avoid the Greek debt. Markets, this is the name that we give to the great capitalists, don’t like democracy. They don’t like people voting or deciding their own future. They like to impose austerity to the public services without asking the citizenship.

But, on the other hand, we can ask ourselves if it is too late. Greece has fallen into a bankruptcy. Paying only the half is not a solution. Stop paying neither in the next five years. Why Greek government hasn't asked to the people before? Since Greece has been “rescued” has fallen into a deep dark hole and nothing can save them in the next five years. Greece has to look forward and choose his best option. Maybe stop paying his debt is the only one way to free Greeks in ten years. We’ll see on the referendum results. And remember, in the referendum there won’t be any option about not paying. 

Here, an explanation of the predictible impacts of the Greece choices, from BBC.

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