Sunday, 30 January 2011

Europe is losing leadership

The European Union dims and loses international influence because his passivity and undefined on Noth-African revolutions

First Tunisian people felt abandoned by their brother of Nort-Mediterranean. Now Egyptian people aren’t receiving any back from Old Continent. The European Union (EU), which is the greatest conglomerate of democratic states, is missing a very good chance to constructs as the great democratic power it should be.

That is because his foreign affairs weakness. The EU Foreign Affairs superminister, Catherine Ashton, is seen as inefficient and is also disappeared in the new international context opened by Tunisian Revolution against Ben Ali that now is been lived in Egypt agains Mubarak. Europe isn’t answering with a distinct and only voice to the prodemocratic revolutions of his southern neighbours. Sarkozy, Cameron and Merkel have only asked that demonstrators won’t be repressed by violence, four days after massive demonstrations begun in Cairo, Suez and Alexandria, and without backing people who wants democracy in his country.

A EU with 27 different voices in foreign affaire is a weak EU, moreover when no one of this 27 voices has talked for democracy, which is supposed they support. The absence of any positioning for revolution is a hidden backing to Mubarak’s dictatorship, as they did one month ago with Ben Ali, the Tunisian dictator. European people shouldn’t accept this from our rulers.

Excluding absence of democratic ethic, the EU is also losing international relevance as everybody sees it’s unable to make an only message that arrives everywhere and show EU as a warranty of freedom and democracy all over the world. In moments like these it’s clear that we need an only voice that shows to the world we are a world power and we’ll work for democracy and freedom. Now, we aren’t playing this role right. 

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